Union Chapel United Methodist Church
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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A Campus of Hope

 Family Life Center
What an exciting time it is for us at our church as pursue our "Campus of Hope" vision. What is that vision, you might ask? Imagine a Church where everyone involved see themselves as servants and nothing more. Imagine a gathering of people where no one keeps score? What can a church really do, if nobody cares who gets the credit? In fact what can the Body of Christ be if everyone presses forward with the same vision?
Our "Campus of Hope" is not ours at all, it's Gods, and it will become a great launching pad for the greatest hope that the world has ever known. Currently, Union Chapel UMC is one of the fastest growing churches in North Alabama. We are out of space, we have to expand, but our vision has very little to do with things like metal, brick, or square footage. Our vision has everything to do with lives changing, impacting a morally declining society, and with impacting the world that God created with His hope, His plan, His love.
We believe Jesus was clear when He said that "I AM the way, the truth, and the life." - John 14:6
Come, embrace what God wants to do in your life, be yourself, and trust that God will do what He promised.
How can a church in the middle of the country grow like this?
How can Hope be so strong that it's life changing on a "cut through" road?
Can anything good come from there?
I believe Nathaniel hit the nail on the head when he gave his reply to Philip: "Come and see" - John 1:46
Until the nets are full,
Chris Herbert - Pastor